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Hiyoshi was founded in 1955 and started its environmental service business. Over the past 70 years, we have expanded our environmental conservation business from domestic waste collection, domestic wastewater treatment, waste disposal, water supply and sewerage facility management, analysis and testing, and industrial chemical sales, in line with the needs of the local community and customers and changes in society.

Our company motto is “Society-oriented company, technology-oriented company” (A company cannot exist unless it contributes to society, and it can only contribute to society through its technology).  With this motto, we are constantly working hard and applying our wisdom to provide a wide range of one-stop environmental infrastructure services that “measure, observe, protect, and create” to protect the safety and security of people’s lives and contribute to a sustainable society. We strive every day to earn your trust by providing quality services and products with safety as our top priority.

We also focus on creating a friendly and rewarding work environment and a workplace culture that emphasizes diversity and inclusiveness. We strive to help each employee grow and improve the welfare of our employees and society.

We are also committed to deepening our partnership with the local community and solving social issues through communication. We are aware of our heavy responsibility as an essential worker and promise to continue to be a company that walks hand in hand with the community.

In order to contribute to society and create a future where people and nature coexist in harmony from a global perspective, Hiyoshi will continue to practice “Yonpo-Yoshi” which means “Good in four directions” (Good for the World, Good for the Buyer, Good for the Seller, and Good for the Next Generation (Future)” and aim to be a 100-year company as an “Environmental infrastructure company indispensable to society” that can respond to diverse changes in society. All employees will work as one to achieve this goal.

Tadashi Suzuki