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Foresight in everything.
We are working at the frontline of environmental business
for ensuring a safe and secure future.

Since our establishment in 1955, Hiyoshi has been into environmental conservation business, driven by the Corporate Creed, “No company exists without social contributions and competence”, which means a company cannot exist without contributing to society and can only contribute to society with its technology. This idea and approach are now called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Hiyoshi’s business is the very essence of the SDGs. This can be seen in Hiyoshi’s Corporate Philosophy.

Hiyoshi’s Corporate Philosophy is “As there is law, there is business. We observe the signs of the world and go with the flow”. Laws are enacted and implemented (flow) to solve and address problems and issues in the world (signs of the world). Therefore, Hiyoshi’s business comes from the law by observing the signs of the world and going with the flow. This is the very essence of Hiyoshi’s Corporate Creed of contributing to society through technology.
The specific business model based on Hiyoshi’s philosophy is as follows.

  • New business markets are created by laws and regulations to deal with social issues and problems.
  • In order to enter this market, Hiyoshi acquires qualifications and permits to gain the trust of customers (more than 90 Business Permits and 216 types, total 2000 Employee Licenses and Certifications).
  • Based on the concept that “everything starts with measurement,” Hiyoshi accurately analyzes and grasps the current situation and proposes the best countermeasures for problems and issues (visualizing the invisible by measuring it).
  • Hiyoshi’s contribution to society is to provide prompt, high-quality, and reasonable countermeasures to customers. In recognition of these efforts, Hiyoshi has received 33 ministerial and governor’s commendations and 109 letters of appreciation.

As a result of the implementation of this philosophy, we have been able to grow steadily and continuously even during economic shocks such as the collapse of the bubble economy, Lehman Brothers, and the Corona disaster.

In 1989, we began working on environmental conservation around the world, based on the idea that environmental problems have no borders. The origin of our efforts was in the eutrophication of a lake, but now we are involved in a wide range of fields, including sewage treatment and measures against chemical substances (dioxins, environmental hormones, etc.). Hiyoshi is based in Shiga, the origin of Omi merchants who are famous for their philosophy “Sanpo-Yoshi” (Good in Three directions -Sellers, Buyers, and the Society) Hiyoshi has added “Next Generation” as the “Fourth direction for Good” and keeping in line with this concept have accepted more than 1,000 trainees from 36 countries and has also dispatched engineers.

Hiyoshi will continue to respond to changes in society, such as globalization, digitalization, and diversity, and to contribute to society as well as to protect the global environment, aiming to become a 100-year “Environmental Infrastructure Company indispensable to Society.”

Hiroshi Murata