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  • “Testing Services”

    We provide a "One Stop Service",
    from analysis to consulting
    with our state of the art analytical
    instruments and technically
    sound highly skilled specialists.

  • “Industrial Chemicals”

    With more than 10 chemical storage tanks for 7 types of chemicals,
    and tank lorries, we can quickly provide customized chemicals.

  • “Facility Management”

    Through our professionally qualified experts and
    the know-how accquired over the past 60 years,
    we ensure the safety and security of people's lives 24x7.

  • “Environmental Conservation”

    With more than 120 special vehicles,
    we can handle a wide range of tasks,
    from daily operations essential
    for lifelines to disaster response.

Business Outline

“No company exists without
social contributions and competence”

A company cannot exist without contributing to society
and can only contribute to society with its technology.

For the past 65 years, Hiyoshi has acquired and improved its technologies in various fields to contribute to society. Our mission is to find "Signs" of the future in the changes that take place in the society and in people's activities, and to protect the safety and security of people's lives.


Hiyoshi's total environmental support is unique due to the presence and
strength of our four business fields and backed by solid technical capabilities and experience.

Our Strengths

Knowing Hiyoshi Through Numbers

Since Establishment
67 years
Business Accreditations
95 Types
Employee Licenses and Certifications
Total 2,135 people
Trainees from
36 Countries
Number of Vehicles
Number of Analytical Instruments
Water Supply
7,700 Volume /


Creating a Sustainable Future with the business spirit of "Yonpo-Yoshi" Good in four directions.

Hiyoshi has contributed to the improvement and conservation of the local environment, enhanced environmental awareness for the next generation, developed environmental technologies in overseas, and sustainably developed the society throughout the changes of times.
Hiyoshi, aims to be a 100 year old company, and our sustainable initiatives are also a part of the SDGs.
The concept of "Sanpo Yoshi"(Good in Three Directions sellers, buyers, and the society) is a business philosophy developed by Omi merchants in Shiga Prefecture. Hiyoshi aims to put into practice"Sanpo Yoshi" by adding,"Next Generation" as the"Fourth Direction for Good" thus focusing on the development of next generation of human resources.