Vehicles owned by Hiyoshi

Our wide variety of vehicles helps us provide quality services with reliable equipment and advanced technology

Garbage Truck Gallery

Services pertaining to industrial chemical sales

Through special-purpose vehicles suitable for transporting chemicals, such as small, medium and large-sized tankers, we deliver a wide range of industrial chemicals to customers.

Tank Truck

We deliver chemicals directly from our company-operated tank yard to customers by tanker. Our chemicals are offered at reasonable prices and transported in a secure manner.

Services related to environmental conservation

We have an robust lineup of equipment including special-purpose vehicles to offer the best technology with the help of our professional staff including high-pressure washers and civil engineering works execution managing engineers.

High-pressure washer truck

This truck sprays high-pressure water from a nozzle to efficiently wash and clean the inner walls of pipes and conduits as well as wall surfaces.

Large wet/dry vacuum truck

Equipped with a bag filter, this vehicle can suction and collect powder such as incineration ash.

Street Sweeper

This vehicle removes trash, soil and sand on roads with a brush to clean road surfaces and shoulders. While cleaning, our operators pay utmost attention to other moving vehicles and always inform surrounding people of the operation with a revolving beacon light. The leading sprinkler truck sprays water to minimize the dispersion of dust.

Arm roll truck

Removable containers are placed in advance at factories and other work sites, then replaced with new ones and transported by this truck when they are full. The truck is mainly used to collect and transport industrial waste.

Water wagon

This vehicle specializes in supplying drinking water, and is helpful for support efforts during emergency response situations.

Water tank cleaning truck

This truck cleans drinking water tanks in office buildings, apartments, etc.

Compacting refuse collector

This vehicle collects and transports various types of waste ranging from domestic garbage to waste discharged from business facilities. We also have a compacting refuse collector with a measuring function to weigh the collected waste.

Vacuum car

This vehicle collects human excreta and suctions sludge from septic tanks. Although such vehicles are seldom seen in Japan nowadays due to the wide expansion of the sewer system, they are very helpful in the event of disasters such as earthquakes.