Business Licenses and Qualifications

Hiyoshi has more than 80 business licenses, and its employees have acquired 217 types of qualifications. They prove our continuous innovations in line with our motto “identify signs and catch waves.”
Most of Hiyoshi’s businesses cannot be conducted without the relevant licenses. To acquire and maintain such licenses, even more personal qualifications of employees are needed.

Business license No.
Analysis and measurement 20
Sales of chemicals, etc. 9
Sewerage maintenance and management 2
Johkasou maintenance and management 12
Special construction 6
Total building maintenance 6
Electrical work 1
Waste 21
Vehicle 2
Other 9

Personal qualification Type No.
Facility maintenance and management 57 705
Industrial chemical and pharmaceutical 21 234
Analysis and measurement 66 410
Waste collection and transportation 15 57
Total building maintenance 28 291
Other 30 345