Message/Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Motto

No company exists without social contributions and competence.

Hiroshi Murata, President

Thanks to your patronage, Hiyoshi has commemorated its 60th anniversary of incorporation. With a total of 80 business approvals and licenses as well as 2,000 types of qualifications, we are making continuous efforts to grow as a leader in the environmental field.

When Hiyoshi was first established as a company to treat household waste in 1955, “Public Health” was society’s primary concern. During Japan’s high economic growth period, the focus shifted to “Pollution” and then to the more comprehensive issue of the “Environment.” Today the keyword is “Ecology,” and this will soon shift to “Symbiosis” in the future.

With such social changes and changes in people’s lives, we have identified the “signs” of the future. With the underlying concept of “everything starts with measurement”, we continuously promote innovations based on basic principles, exploration of the truth, and open discourse. With high performance over more than half a century and solid technical abilities as the two main pillars of our business, we provide various environmental services ranging from environmental analysis to maintenance and management of environmental infrastructure, sales of industrial chemicals, waste collection, and road maintenance and management. In addition, we provide a “one-stop service” as a new business solution. In the future, we are planning to establish a life innovation business that applies a biological assay to measures hazardous chemicals in the environment using organisms that we have developed (such as genetically modified cells).

Based on the concept of “There is no border to environmental problems”, over two decades we have accepted more than 200 trainees from 19 countries around the world and sent our engineers overseas to cultivate and spread the knowledge and expertise that Hiyoshi has developed over more than 50 years of service. Moving forward, we anticipate an acceleration of activities that utilize our knowledge base to realize further business development.

Hiyoshi’s mission is to contribute, through our business, to the improvement of global society with applied innovative strength and persistent efforts toward the betterment of the global community. We appreciate your continued support.