Domestic Community Contributions

Through our education and support activities addressing environmental problems, we have the backing of local people and we work together with them.

Receipt of Shibusawa Eiichi Prize

In November 2002, chairman Toshihiko Suzuki (then president) was awarded the first Shibusawa Eiichi Prize, given to corporate managers who have made outstanding contributions to society, for our efforts such as the acceptance of many international trainees from Asian countries and supporting environmental education in elementary and other community schools.

Learning through experiencing garbage collection

Since 1990, as part of the environmental education activities, Hiyoshi has sent its employees to local elementary schools to give lectures and raise environmental awareness. We’ve also organized an annual program for local elementary and junior high school students and teachers to learn through experiencing garbage collection.

Additionally, in order to heighten children’s awareness about the environment and waste problems, for more than 10 years we have annually painted a garbage truck with pictures about environmental subjects drawn by elementary school students. We hope that through these experiences, the children, who will be important in shaping the 21st century, can learn about hard work and the importance of resources to eventually raise their environmental awareness.

Comment from an elementary school teacher who participated in garbage collection

I didn’t use to pay any attention to garbage after taking it out, and didn’t know how the garbage was dealt with. Through experiencing garbage collection, I learned the garbage treatment process from taking it out to its disposal. Now I can teach my students about waste-related environmental problems and the importance of resources based on real experience, beyond just using textbooks. I can now also teach children from the perspective of not only those who produce waste, but also those who collect it.

Internship and environmental education

To provide students with opportunities for work experience and environmental education, every year we organize an internship program and accept a dozen trainees ranging from elementary school students to university and graduate students, from Shiga and other prefectures. In addition to offering work experience, this program also aims at encouraging the students to become more interested in the environment and chemistry by giving them cutting-edge hands-on training with more than 20 types of analyzing equipment owned by Hiyoshi.
In consideration of the significance of the next generation’s environmental awareness, we annually provide environmental education for local elementary school students. Through this effort, children learn about the environment through familiar environmental issues such as the ecosystem in Lake Biwa and the problem of non-native invasive fish species.
We are also making efforts to contribute to society by developing human resources and creating employment opportunities. Hiyoshi is registered to accept trainees from vocational training schools and to provide them with training opportunities.

Local cleanup activities

Hiyoshi participates in various local cleanup activities. Every year, we co-sponsor the cleanup activities of Bikokukai, an organization that promotes cleanups and is supported by the Shiga Prefectural Government, and all our employees join its prefecture-wide cleanup campaign a few times a year. In 2009, we received a letter of appreciation for our efforts.

We also participate in the annual “Hotto Town Clean” campaign organized by the Omihachiman Tourism Association to clean up local sightseeing spots around our hometown, such as Hachimanbori and the lakeside area in the western district.

Disaster relief activities

We made every effort to aid the victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji, Niigata Chuetsu and the Great East Japan earthquakes. Our disaster relief activities included the supply of special-purpose vehicles such as suction vehicles, garbage trucks and water tankers, as well as supplying tap water disinfectants.

Local revitalization project assistance and collaborative development

We support a project for economic development and job creation in Okishima to create the “sixth industry” in an aging society.
An additive-free pet food product made of ingredients produced in Lake Biwa has been developed with this project. Hiyoshi analyzed the product and its ingredients in accordance with the Law for Ensuring the Safety of Pet Food in order to ensure its safety.

Lectures in local communities

We give lectures in partnership with universities, research institutes and consortiums.