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Visit of Gilan state governor, Iran

topics Posted: 2014/08/05

Anzali Wetland (approximately 193km2) is located in Gilan Province, Iran.
Anzali Wetland is internationally known as Stopover for migratory birds and was registered in the Ramsar Convention in 1975.
However, in recent years the environment is getting worse due to inflows including sewage/discharged water and waste substance. Gilan province is managing the wetland and working on counterplan with the support from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). As the part of the JICA Project, the group of five, including the governor visited Hiyoshi. The purpose of this visit is to learn how private company played their role in protecting the environment of Lake Biwa.

Hiyoshi is devoted its 60 years for environmental improvement in Shiga prefecture, the prefecture as known as “Environment prefecture.” Hiyoshi shared their experience and provided the tour of the lab.